Our expert human power, which is the very source of Teknik Alüminyum’s core strength; and the true power that enables us to keep up with our challenging duty of meeting the high level, zero-tolerance quality standard required by our customers in strategic industries.
Energy and production efficiency, cost, speed and flexibility are among the seamless advantages that our customers enjoy. Our continuous casting technology and our modern machinery; matched by R&D capabilities in product & process development and production quality are the enablers at creating those advantages.
The R&D efforts are essential to define specific customer expectancies; as well as to create ways to exceed expectancies.
Controls on raw material quality, process health and end products consist of mechanical, and chemical testing, as well as laboratory studies; and assure quality in everything what we do.
Our keen quality focus comes from the awareness that every step we make affects, not only industrial developments, but also the everyday lives of people from around the globe; in which we cooperate with a vast variety of industries.


Our in-house laboratory facilities enable us with advanced mechanical and chemical testing to define and precisely meet customer requirements, with state of the art equipments. We also develop and continue partnerships with leading universities and accredited research institutions, for even more increased R&D capabilities.


Thermo-Mechanical process designing is required in product and process focused R&D, and simulations that make related digital modeling possible are also conducted in-house.


Partnerships with leading universities and accredited research institutions further enhance our R&D capabilities; while we create value for the development of continuous casting technology on an international platform. The related, Germany-based research group, of which Teknik Alüminyum is a member, focuses on driving and sharing the development across the industry.
Our domestic and international partnerships also include various projects to promote aluminum usage and to improve its production technology.