We, TEKNİK ALÜMİNYUM, which serves as an aluminum sheet producer since 1960, together with all of our employees hereby undertake;

To provide always the best and highest services to the customers with the innovative products, consistent with technological developments by keeping sustainable customer satisfaction in the foreground,
To be open for all kind of notifications which come from the customers, to find a solution for all notifications objectively by taking as principle of confidentiality and reliability and to keep these informations under control effectively,
To make effective the philosophy of continuous improvement and development in all our processes,
To be transparent to our partners in our practices, to perform the requirements of ISO 9001 standard with the participation of all our employees by increasing awareness of them and to ensure the continuity,
To ensure the continues improvement on the basis of working according to the legal regulations and standards in our all activities,
To create a corporate culture as supporting continuous improvement based on collaboration and feedback by providing the participation of all our employees, suppliers and subcontractors to our quality management system,
To keep the satisfaction of our employees in the foreground and to improve their competencies with ongoing training and supporting programs,
 To create improvement opportunities with continues system reviews based on presenting quality-oriented, systematic and disciplined approach in organizational structure and operations.