Within the scope of “Import, export, transit, customs clearance as customs of products which are manufactured by aluminum flat rolled production and foreign trade transactions and the transaction related to logistics, warehousing, accounting, finance and information technology of activities such as electronic data assets with these assets in order to preserve use the information security” TEKNİK ALÜMİNYUM SAN. A.Ş. hereby undertakes;

 To ensure the information security in the direction of all related laws and regulations in the establishment,

 To manage the risks aimed to information assets in accordance with the rules of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility,

 To implement the requirements of ISO 27001 standard with the participation of all our employees and partners,

 To provide continuance of the system by continuous and regular review,

 To activate all our processes by the philosophy of continuous improvement and development together with our other management systems,

 To keep the satisfaction of our employees in the foreground, to improve their competencies with ongoing training and support programs.