We, TEKNİK ALÜMİNYUM SAN. A.Ş, which serves as an aluminum sheet producer since 1960, together with all of our employees hereby undertake;

 To prevent accidents and environmental pollution or to reach acceptable risk levels by keeping the Environmental Health & Safety impacts of all the operations under control,

 To meet all applicable regulatory and other Environmental, Health & Safety requirements,

 To provide sustainability of the natural resources and to prevent environmental pollution at source by guaranteeing the consumption of the resources without disrupting the ecological balance,

 To reduce the environmental impacts of our operations by increasing the recycling of the wastes,

 To provide trainings to our stakeholders for creating Environmental, Health & Safety awareness,

 To identify the risks about Environmental, Health & Safety emergency cases and to take the relevant precautions,

To review the management system in terms of continual improvement of our Environmental, Health & Safety performance and start new implementations.