We, TEKNİK ALÜMİNYUM which serves as an aluminum sheet producer since 1960, together with all of our employees hereby undertake;

 To provide communication opportunities through which our customers are able to deliver their expectations, complaints, suggestions and satisfaction,
 To be accessible to the all kind of notifications, to provide solutions to the notifications objectively with the principles of transparency, accessibility, privacy and reliability with customer-oriented approach, to control this information effectively,
 To integrate continuous improvement and development philosophy at all our business processes with our professional employees and our perspective,
 To find solutions by considering to the customer expectations, national legal requirements and standards,
 To generate strong, accurate, net and continuous customer – supplier relation for the products and services provided to the customers.


For providing the best service quality to the customer we continuously improve ourselves and in order to solve the complaints of the customers we make extra effort. In the customer complaints evaluation and response process;

We provide opportunity to our customers about delivering and following the status of their complaints with different ways of communication.
 We implement compensation methods to ensure the customer satisfaction, evaluate their feedback and find solutions.
We stand behind of our goods and services which are produced or provided by us.
Our aim is to solve the customer complaints at the soonest possible time.
 Not to lose the confidence of our customers to us, we try to understand our customer’s expectation better, satisfy their needs and protect their rights while offering solutions.
In parallel with our approach we are aware that we have responsibilities to our customers for each complaint.

In the scope of this policy we finalize our customer’s complaints by providing the product return, invoicing, scrapping the product etc. solutions.


Teknik Alüminyum, has set up “Customer Feedbacks Handling Process” for the evaluation of your feedbacks on any issue. This process is convenient to the requirements of ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Quality Management System Standard.

Our basic policy is to enhance our customer satisfaction and loyalty by meeting their changing expectations and needs with understanding of quality. Therefore, Teknik Alüminyum accepts the feedback of its customers as an opportunity for development and improvement of the processes. All your feedbacks about suggestions, requests, criticisms, complaints, thanks and other matters are all be recorded and evaluated in a transparent and objective manner.


You can deliver your feedbacks by any of the following methods:

1.1 Via Internet: You can deliver your requests by using “New Request” sub-tab in the “Communication” main tab on our site. https://teknikaluminyum.com.tr/.

1.2 Via e-mail: To deliver your requests via e-mail, as you can use the e-mail address of the relevant sales representative, you can also use cs@teknikaluminyum.com.tr e-mail address consisting of customer support service unit members. Received request mails by the sales representatives are also forwarded to cs@teknikaluminyum.com.tr e-mail group.

1.3 Via Fax: To deliver your requests via fax, you can use our company’s fax number +90 282 674 51 55.

1.4 Via Customer Representatives: You can deliver your requests to us via our customer representatives verbally.

 1.5 Via Telephone:

  • You can deliver your requests by using +90 282 674 51 51 numbered exchange line and customer support services on the exchange line.
  • You can also deliver your requests by using the company phone numbers of relevant sales representatives.


Your feedback coming through the website is recorded at the same time. Your feedback from other channels is recorded on the same day if it is working hours. Otherwise, it is recorded following working day. The information that your request is recorded, request ID and password to follow the status of your request, are sent automatically to the e-mail address that you have informed.

Teknik Alüminyum gives information about your requests by evaluating the basis of principles that have committed at the “Customer Satisfaction Policy”.

Our Customer Support Services Unit defines the status of your request by making the first review and evaluation of requests in terms of seriousness of the feedback, impact on safety, complexity and the need for immediate action criteria.

The status of your request is classified as follows and are processed.

2.1 Urgent / High Priority: It is prior status at high level of importance that requires emergent action. Occupational health, safety and environmental feedbacks that contain a high risk and feedbacks from the customers placed in the first group according to our customer segmentation are considered in this status.

Our response time to inform the decision and offer the solution for your urgent priority feedbacks is 2 working days.

 2.2 Normal Priority: These are all your other feedbacks that have high importance level and do not require immediate response, but need improvements. We can ask for technical visit or various information about your request to evaluate normal priority feedbacks, to respond your request and offer a solution.

Our response time for your normal priority feedbacks is up to 5 working day after making the visit or the information is received if they were requested.

2.3 Low Priority:  Requests that are informed without any financial loss are being evaluated in a low-priority status. Your improvement requests and suggestions are concluded in 7 working days.

 2.4 Out of Classification: Your thanks and satisfaction feedbacks that you’ve sent to us are responded within 7 working days after evaluations are done.


We will keep confidential your requests that you have reported to the Teknik Alüminyum. We will not ask for any payment during the evaluation process of your requests. In cases involving legal obligations, we undertake to inform you before sharing information.When you contact us, we need following information in full to make an exact return to your requests.

  • Request Type
  • Company Name
  • Declarant Person Name
  • Declarant Person Phone Number
  • Declarant Person e-mail address
  • Request Subject
  • Request Description
  • Request Pictures
  • Lot Number
  • Lot Quantity