Established in 1960 as Turkey’s first industrial aluminum plant, Teknik Alüminyum leads a continuous journey of improvement that drives its strength into the future.

Our pioneering continuous casting technology empowers our ability to provide enhanced added values in cost, delivery speed and agility for our customers; through a wide portfolio of products; featuring thickness values between 0,10 and 4 mm, widths between 12,5 and 2300 mm; 1000, 3000, 5000, 8000 series alloys; and various packaging forms that meet customer needs and requirements.

Our Çorlu plant houses the latest automation technologies that allows us to produce state of the art products at world standards. These products are supplied with our uncompromising commitment on quality and service; and add value to the competitive strengths of our customers across Turkey, as well as to our over 48 export markets.

Our ability to deliver value, quality and competitiveness has become our trademark. We ensure this with an extensive effort on product and process-based R&D, measurement, testing and analyzing activities.

Bright, light and agile, aluminum is the metal for the future; and we are inspired by these seamless features of aluminum, for which we are and have been an industry leader for over 50 years. This inspiration ignites the passion of our people, the very light of our success; as we are heading towards a brighter future with the agility of a better performing, more value-adding corporate culture.


Be an opinion leader in the industry, with human and excellency – focused journey of cultural transformation and the industrial power that we hold for over 50 years.


Welcome the year 2020, as a modern, high performing company; which diffrenciates it with its TAM culture, and which radiates the pride of partnership to all its stakeholders.


Turkey’s first aluminum coil and sheet producer, Teknik Alüminyum pioneers with its state of the art continuous casting technology platform; and leads the industry through its capabilities in R&D, measurement/testing/analyzing. Teknik Alüminyum provides a wide range of world class products, with an uncompromising quality and service approach.

We drive the future by redefining the way the we do our every day work; through a flexible and agile model that brings forward the energy and the potential of our people: our very soul, and the very source of our competitive capability in creating values for our firm and our stakeholders. We call this, TAM: Teknik Alüminyum Excellence Model. The Turkish meaning of the word TAM, ‘complete’ underlines our complete commitment to Complete Excellence.

This is a human and excellency – focused journey of cultural transformation; and the journey carries the power that we embodied for over 50 years, in the metal and the industry of the future, aluminum, to the next level.